Service instructions

You can access all service related instructions after registering as a user. Instructions can be downloaded in pdf format from the service interface. In addition you get the instructions on how to create place specific information web pages.

Below is listed some of the frequently asked questions about the service.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I benefit from the map?

The map helps your customers find your company. A clear map improves and supports a good corporate image. The Oivamaps Tool service provides you with a tailored map, on which you can add one or more locations with your company icons and logos. You can also create a separate map for each location. If needed, you can edit the locations yourself – this makes sure that your company information is always correct and up-to-date. It is easy to make changes to the maps, and our customer service is always there to help you. We offer up-to-date user reports for all maps.

How do I add a map to my website?

Register as a user and enter the data of the desired location in the map tool. Then, simply paste the ready-made map code onto your website and the map is ready for use. See the instructions for creating a map above (PDF instructions). Our customer service can also help you.

What if I want to make changes to the map?

You can make changes to the map online with your user ID or by contacting our customer service team, which is always happy to help.

What properties does the map have?

  • Clear road map or satellite views
  • Directions
  • Zooming
  • Your icons and logos on maps
  • Adding one or more locations to the same map
  • You can move the locations yourself
  • Up-to-date user reports

Can I add my own icons or logos to the map?

Yes, you can use your own images and icons on the base map. Adding them is very simple.

Can I add several locations on one map?

Yes, you can add as many locations as you want to one map, or create a separate map for each location.

What is the total cost of the service?

The total service costs equal the annual fee for the selected package (three alternatives). It includes all required licences. There are no extra costs for using the maps. They are all included in the annual package fee. During the year, you can upgrade your licence package, if you wish. We always provide a tailored offer for large businesses.

Is the use of the map dependent on the website provider?

No, it isn’t. Our map service is available on all types of website, regardless of the provider.

Which base map do you use?

At the Oivamaps Tool service you can select your base map from three alternatives. We offer Google, HERE (formerly Nokia) and Bing maps.